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memuja fisik
Gw adalah contoh wanita yang memuja fisik. Apa yang gw suka dari Roy? Badannya, mukanya, kulitnya, baunya (oh i'm craving for his smell), warnanya, suaranya. I adore him. Cakep itu relatif, tapi di mata saya, dia begitu indah. Apa yang gw suka dari sifatnya? Yang keinget hanya sifat super posesifnya.. Ah, saya juga posesif.. Kalau dia tipe memukul dengan palu, saya tipe menyobek dengan silet. Siapa yang bilang kalau di hubungan ini, dia yang salah saya korbannya. Roy juga korban dari sifat gw yang jahat. Nah, jadi gimana gw naksir cowo kalau tidak memuja fisiknya? Bukan harus cowo yang putih, tinggi, sixpack ya..karena bukan tipe gw, meskipun standar cakep nasional kayaknya itu. Just like Roy.. ah, that's my weakness.

The Significanc
e of Tap Dance Classes

Dancing is a unique form of art, one that is appreciated by millions of people worldwide. It is ancient and humans have been practicing it from more than a thousand years now. It has many forms and all of them are exquisite in their own way. From modern to classical, every sort of dance has its own charm and this also involves tap dancing; something that has brought many people alive ever since it was created. It exactly isn’t a new invention but this particular sort of dance has been around since a while now. With its different technique and style, tap dancing has come to be known as one of the most intricate and fascinating styles of dances in the present times. Tap dance classes are being provided everywhere these days and in different parts across the globe. Individuals have been highly recommended to join these due to the fact that they do not only help in the process of keeping the body active but they also keep the mind healthy. Tap dance classes help people in becoming... (more)

Daily Devotion
When God Becomes Stagnant
Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 Chapters: Psalms 105-106 Message Title: When God Becomes Stagnant Hello My Friend, When a saved person begins walking with Christ something amazing happens, Christ literally transforms us into something even we would not recognize. He takes us, who were weighed down by sin, guilt, and shame and makes us better than we ever were. Now, this takes some time, but the closer we get to Him the more He shines through us. Now, there comes a time in every Christians life when things kind of get stagnant in our walk with Christ, we just don't feel Him with us. Oh, we may still do everything we always do, go to church, pray, read the Bible, and live a pretty moral life, but something is amiss, we do not have that connection we use to, and life seems to be at a pause. When things seem to be standing still, that is when we need a little revival of our spirit. “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in... (more)

Muslim Teenagers
Sadiq Gill -
Culturist Tensions With My Muslim Friend

My oldest friend, Geeta, is a Muslim. I just saw her for the first time in six years. Geeta came to this country when she was 13 - the Ayatollah chased her family out. Her clothes, drinking habits and relationship patters - her basic values - are highly Americanized. Geeta is a rock n roll woman and someone I care deeply about. When we were kids, our differences did not bother us at all. But current political realities made this visit tense at the edges.Geeta just returned from a month-long travel; she guesses that eighty percent of Iranians resent the Iranian government and it imposition of Islamic law. The economy and infrastructure are so messed up that most Iranians need to have three jobs to make ends meet. Iran's development has fallen so low that they cannot refine their own oil and have to import gasoline! If you fought against Iraq you get a pension. If you didn't, you are impoverished. She said Iran's conservative election results reflect... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Monday, June 29, 2015. Chaos and violence continue, a US Congressional delegation visits Iraq, Haider accepts a resignation, Sunni civilians remain targeted by their own government, and much more. Al Bawaba carries one of today's most important stories: At least 71 civilians have been killed and 90 injured since the beginning of Ramadan due to the repeated shelling of Fallujah city in Iraq’s western Anbar province, a local medical source said Monday. On June 23, Anbar’s provincial council called on the Iraqi army to refrain from shelling civilian areas of Fallujah, which is currently held by the Daesh militant group. Ahmed al-Shami, chief doctor at the Fallujah Educational Hospital, told Anadolu Agency that the hospital’s emergency room had received 71 dead and 90 injured, “mostly women and children,” since the beginning of Ramadan on June 18. The War Crimes, the never ending War Crimes. Oh, whatcha gonna do when time runs out on you Run down,... (more)

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